Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Jetstreams over Holland

The view over Holland from a plane.
Crossed memories of air traffic.


The city of Amsterdam, to some an empty jaunt of drugs, prostitutes and windmills, but you can't help but to immediately notice the design, architecture, and natural beauty of the whole area and these things can pale into insignificance. Once you get out of the city centre especially, Amsterdam becomes even more captivating and diverse, it's armies of bicycle riders providing a sight to behold and a chaotic traffic hazard to the unwary.

Equine in the morning

Glebedale's windy hill

A long exposure from a windy hill near Glebedale, Fenton.
I wanted the streetlights to give off a hyperreal
daylight-esque light where only amber lighting
existed to create a day-night scene.

Royal Horticultural Society inspired series

This series of studio fashion images was inspired by the dreariness of the current design and look surrounding the organisation. My objective was to create a varied set of images that rejuvenates its visual perception and popularises it with the demographics' youthful contemporaries.

Put simply. Gardening is pretty dull. This isn't.

Art direction, makeup and custom fashion by Sara Keating